Monday, October 15, 2018

October 26th Parent University

Are you scheduled for a parent conference with your child's teacher next Friday, October 26th? Since you're already in the building, that's the perfect time to attend one of our Parent University sessions to learn new strategies or get resources!  

Schedule and Sessions:

12:15 PM   Tackling Homework Hassles                                                  
                            Parent to Parent Educators (Military Child Education Coalition)
1:00 PM     Growth Mindset                                              
                            Parent to Parent Educators (Military Child Education Coalition)
1:45 PM     What you need to know about Bullying               
                            Sandy Tanner (Guidance Counselor)

No preregistration required. All sessions will take place in room 126, across from the Nurse's office. Join a session before and/ or after your parent-teacher conference. You may attend as many sessions as you would like. We look forward to greeting you!

Your Partners in Education,

AVID Site Team, 
The Leader in Me Lighthouse Team, and 
School Improvement Council

1 Week Out From Boosterthon!

Hello Again Parents!

We are just one week away from kicking off our Boosterthon Fun Run!
Our Mindspark Mystery Lab adventure begins with a Pep Rally will on Monday the 22nd and ends with  our celebratory fun run on Wednesday October 31st. Look for details in your student’s folder at the end of this week. Pledge packets will go home on Monday the 22nd and will  include all the necessary details needed to begin reaching out to friends and family to collect pledges.
You can also check out for additional details.

We are excited to work towards our goals by beginning with the end in mind! One goal is to receive pledges from all 50 states and at least 50 countries. We are confident that we can meet this goal with your help!
Have a great evening and thank you for supporting excellent education at Round Top Elementary!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Car Rider Procedure Reminders

  • Do not block the area with the X as you come into the parking lot (the first blue sign). This creates a space for people who are not dropping students off to bypass the line to park, including school employees.
  • Do not drop off before seeing an adult on duty at 7:30 AM. Teachers do not come on duty until 7:30 and children are not allowed to enter the school until then. It is unsafe to let children out before then and leave them unattended. 
  • Do not park and allow children to walk unsupervised around the edges of the parking area, across the parking lot or through drop off line This is an issue of safety for children to be let out in the parking areas and being allowed to walk around or through car rider lines.
  • Students should exit their car starting at the blue sign in front of the Kindergarten playground (see picture). This allows up to 14 cars to unload at one time, moving the entire car rider line through the parking lot more quickly.
  • Older students should not wait for someone to open their doors, if they are able to open the door on their own. We specifically ask 3rd - 5th grade students to exit their cars independently. There are adults on duty to assist as needed.
Did you know?  All RTE Buses arrive by 7:45 AM. Knowing that, it is easy to figure out that students who arrive tardy to school are car riders.  We often hear from parents that students arrive late due to traffic congestion in the mornings. While the traffic issues along Rimer Pond Road are not within the RTE's "circle of control," following our car rider procedures can help everyone get through the drop off line more quickly. We need YOUR help!

Tips & Hints:
  • Try to leave home 5 minutes earlier than you usually do. You'll be surprised at the difference you'll see in community traffic at 7:15 AM (less congested) versus 7:20 AM (very congested).
  • 1st and 2nd grade students who exit their cars in front of the Kindergarten playground are actually closer to their classes! 
  • Allow your child to ride the bus. Buses are noticeably less full in the mornings than in the afternoons. If your family lives in the attendance zone, allowing your child to ride the bus can help you skip the car rider traffic altogether! Find your child's bus route and register here!
Attendance and may ask "what's the connection?" Consider this: if your child arrives 15 minutes late to school once every week for the entire school year, they will have missed over 1 full day of instruction! Imagine how that gap grows if your child is late more than once a week. Don't forget...Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow!